Meet Watson

Meet Watson , the namesake behind This four-legged buddy isn’t your average dog – he’s got a tale as intriguing as any Sherlock Holmes mystery. Watson’s a three-year-old adopted dynamo, joining our adventure. But don’t be fooled by those puppy eyes, because Watson’s got more smarts than a sleuth in Baker Street.

Fun fact- Watson used to be called ‘Hollywood’ before we adopted him.

Named after the Watson from Sherlock Holmes novels (yes, we have a canine Sherlock too – more on that later), our Watson is a true embodiment of charm and charisma. While we’re not entirely certain where his roots trace back to, we like to think his parents might be living in Houston.

Watson’s favorite pastime involves turning ordinary Frisbees into interstellar saucers and dashing across the yard like a comet on a mission. . He loves to play at dog parks and have fun swimming and playing with other dogs.

Watson is highly talented and will eagerly show off his skills. He can leap on command, sit, roll over, speak, and even knows how to do ‘paw’. And as for his social skills, he’s the life of the doggy party, playing and mingling like the canine equivalent of Gatsby.

But don’t be mistaken by his jolly demeanor – this dog’s got a heart of gold and muscles of steel. He’s not just loyal and protective; he’s super strong for his size. As for his intelligence, he’s super smart.

While Watson might have us stumped when it comes to his exact breed, his passion for food and treats is crystal clear. He devours meals with gusto, as if he’s been fasting for a doggy lifetime. And the love he has for treats? Let’s just say his treat-jar radar is always on high alert.

So, as you explore, know that it’s not just any brand. It’s a brand with heart, named after a dog that’s more than a furry friend – he’s a muse, an inspiration. And he’s family to us. Check out the blog for dog-related wisdom, peruse our paw-some selection of toys, and remember, Watson’s paw prints are all over this adventure!

Hungry for more Watson wisdom? Check out this YouTube video that gives you a sneak peek into the life of the pup himself.

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