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How To Train A Dog To Not Jump

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

What could be more fun than teaching your dog not to jump on people? (Okay, lots of things are probably more fun. But you’re here, so why not give it a try?) We’ll show you some simple tips and tricks for training your dog to not jump. Just follow these steps and soon your dog will be free from the constant temptation to jump all over everyone who comes near her.

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Don’t reward attention-seeking behavior

You should always ignore jumping. This is because rewarding attention-seeking behavior with attention can encourage it. Paying close attention to a dog when they act up will reinforce the unwanted behavior, making it more likely that it will repeat that action in the future.

How to stop dog from jumping on you when excited

It’s important to reward calm behavior with treats and/or praise, instead of simply acting like nothing happened when your dog jumps up on you or another person (or even another animal). When teaching a puppy not to jump on people, making sure that they are getting plenty of exercise is important as well!

Teach your dog to sit

The sit command is a great way to get your dog’s attention and focus him on you. It also helps calm down a rambunctious pup, or one that’s already on edge.

How to teach your dog to sit

Place a treat in front of his nose and move it up toward his eyes while giving the command “sit.” The goal is to get him off the floor, so he can see it better. As soon as he starts leaning forward onto his hind legs, praise him and give him the treat when he assumes a sitting position. Repeat this process several times until your dog has learned what being asked to sit means. You should then be able to use this command anywhere—in public places like restaurants or parks—to get your pet into position quickly when needed without having to use treats every time (though they’ll still come in handy).

Ignore your dog when he’s jumping

puppy laying down

When your dog jumps on you, ignore him. Don’t look at him, talk to him or pet him. This may sound harsh, but it’s important for discouraging this behavior. If you give in and give your dog attention when he jumps up on you, he’ll think that jumping is the best way to get attention from his owner.

When your dog jumps on you, move away from him instead of reaching down to pat him or pull him off of you.

Greet and reward on four legs

dog being fed

One of the best ways to stop jumping is to reward your dog for staying on four legs. This means that whenever your dog is calm, sitting or staying—even if he wasn’t in that position before—reward him with a treat!

You can also reward him for not barking and not jumping. The key here is to give rewards appropriately so that it doesn’t become just another jump trigger!

Teach an alternate greeting behavior

If it’s too difficult to get your dog to stop jumping when you return home from work, try teaching him or her an alternate greeting instead. You can use a cue word or phrase like “hi” or “welcome,” and then shower your pup with treats when they respond correctly.

Use a clicker when training this new behavior, so you can mark the exact moment that they do it right and reward them with a treat. This will speed up the learning process while making sure they understand what they did correctly!

For dogs who don’t respond well to verbal cues, try using toys instead of treats as rewards for good behavior instead—though this also depends on how motivated by food each dog might be!

Reward calm greeting behaviors

If your dog greets you calmly, reward him with treats, petting, and/or playtime. If he greets other people or animals calmly, reward him as well. Make sure that all of his daily activities are rewarding to him so that he learns what is expected of him and continues to do so without being prompted by treats or praise alone (which would reinforce the jumping).

Training your dog not to jump can take a little effort, but you’ll both be happier in the end.

You may be surprised to learn that dogs are pack animals and will jump on you in an attempt to get your attention. This can be inconvenient for both you and your dog. Luckily, training them not to jump is relatively easy—if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

You’ll probably notice that your dog jumps at people who enter or leave through doors, so it’s important that they learn not only when it’s appropriate (when meeting other dogs), but also inappropriate times (such as when greeting humans). Once they’ve mastered this skill, they should start learning how high each person prefers being greeted: some people prefer a quick pat on the shoulder, while others might enjoy a full-body hug.


If you follow these tips and keep training your dog regularly, you will learn how to train a dog to not jump on you or other people. As long as the owner is consistent with their training, most dogs will learn that jumping up at people is not a desired behavior and will stop doing it.

FAQs About How To Train A Dog Not To Jump

How can I train my dog not to jump?

There are a few things you can do to train your dog not to jump. One is to ignore them when they jump up, and only give them attention when they have all four paws on the ground. You can also try asking them to sit before you pet them, or teaching them a “no jump” command.

What are some common causes of jumping in dogs?

There are a few common causes of jumping in dogs. One is excitement, which can be caused by things like playing with a toy or seeing another dog. Another reason for dogs jumping are things like loud noises or being in an unfamiliar place. Finally, some dogs jump simply because they want attention.

How can I help my dog overcome jumping behavior?

Dogs jump for a variety of reasons. They may be excited, want attention, or be trying to reach something. To help your dog overcome jumping behavior, you will need to be consistent with your training and rewards. You can start by teaching your dog to sit or lie down when people approach. If your dog jumps, turn your back and ignore him. Once he is calm, turn around and give him a treat.

What are some tips for preventing my dog from jumping?

  • Start with basic obedience training and be consistent with commands.
  • If your dog jumps up on people, have them ignore the behavior and only give attention when all four paws are on the ground.
  • Use a cue word or phrase like “off” or “down” to get your dog to stop jumping.

What should I do if my dog jumps out of the window?

If your dog jumps out of the window, you should take them to the vet as soon as possible. Dogs can sustain serious injuries from falling, and the vet will be able to determine if your dog needs any medical treatment. In the meantime, keep an eye on your dog and make sure they don’t try to jump out of the window again.

What are some common mistakes people make when training their dog not to jump?

  • One common mistake is not being consistent with the rules. If you sometimes allow your dog to jump, they will get confused, and it will be harder to train them not to do it.
  • Another mistake is using punishment as a way to train them. This can make them scared or anxious and actually make the problem worse. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement and rewarding your dog when they display the behavior you want to see.

So, there you have it! The information you need for how to train a dog to not jump. Do you think we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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