How to Teach a Dog to Greet Properly

how to train your dog to greet visitors

If you have a dog, then it’s likely that at some point they will meet new people who come to visit. This can be an embarrassing situation for both parties involved as your pup might jump on them and make themselves known – but not in the most polite way possible! Here we’ll share how to train your dog to greet visitors calmly by teaching their owners what signs mean “stop” or ‘watch out’.
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Let’s start

Training your dog to greet visitors is a great way for you and them both! Spend some time working on the sit command. This will help teach their personality, as well as provide an opportunity to learn how to be calm each time the doorbell rings. You can recruit friends or neighbors who live close by to help you with the training process.

How to Train Your Dog to Greet People in Just 7 Steps

Once you’ve trained your dog the sit and stay command he’s ready to move on to learning proper manners at the front door.

1. Put the leash on your dog, and ask a family member, a friend, or a neighbor to go outside and ring the doorbell.

2. Open up the gate or walk through the opening with your dog already leashed.

how to teach your dog to greet strangers

3. Give your dog the sit, stay command and open the door.  If your dog breaks the sit, close the door and begin again. When your dog can hold the sit then give him a treat.

4. Repeat this until he’s mastered not pulling on the leash and barking. It will take some time so have patience.

5. Now teach the same behavior with different helpers when he’s off the leash. This time delay the reward for 5 seconds so that they have enough patience without getting immediate feedback when their behavior meets the criteria!

how to teach your dog to greet guests

6. Next slowly increase the number of guests. Follow the same process as in step 5 until your dog learns how to act in big get-togethers.

7. Continue to practice asking your dog to sit until he no longer needs the leash. With patience and consistency, you can make your dog feel comfortable and happy when new people come to say hello!

As a pet owner, I know that we all want our furry friends to be well-behaved and calm in any situation. By following the simple steps in this post, you can help your dog learn how to greet guests calmly and politely. It may take some time and patience on your part, but the end result will be worth it!

Has your dog learned how to greet guests yet? If not, start practicing today!

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